Lubrication and Reassembly of the Right Ascension Axis

4 – Synta HEQ5 – Lubrication & Re-Assembling the Right Ascension (RA) Axis

This procedure will guide you in re-assembling the HEQ5 Right Ascension axis and follows on from the stripping down and cleaning guide HERE.

NOTE: Very little of the mount assembly requires brute force on tightening down components. They need to be firm but not so tight the threads pop.
Generally a light touch is required rather than brute force. Remember this is a precision piece of engineering and many of the fittings are aluminium so threads
can be easily stripped and ruined.

NOTE 2: When this guide was originally written the accepted wisdom was that white lithium grease was an overall good lubricant. However it would appear that
standard white lithium grease may cause problems under some extremes of damp/temperature. All of the mounts I have rebuilt have been done with white
lithium that is stable and often mixed with a synthetic like Teflon or PTFE. It is best to consult the manufacturer on the quality of the product.

Stage 4 – Re-assembling the Worm Carrier
Stage 5 – Re-assembling the Right Ascension Axis
You will now need to replace the motor gear on the worm spindle if you omitted that step earlier. The power cover has not been replaced as you will need it off to carry out the adjustment to the worm/motor engagement. This procedure is covered HERE. When worm/motor engagement has been completed proceed to the final step of replacing the motor and power covers.