Rebuilding the SkyWatcher EQ6/Orion Atlas Mount

EQ6 MountThe EQ6, EQ6 Syntrek and EQ6 Pro along with the NEQ6 and Orion Atlas versions are all the same basic mount – the only difference in the Syntrek/GoTo versions is the motors, the power board, the main board, the handcontroller and the cosmetics. The strip down procedure will be identical.

I would advise you read through all of the sections a few times before starting work to familiarise yourself with the process. The case study contains useful information for mounts which may require replacement of their shim washers.

CAUTION – The EQ6 is a very tough challenge and unless you have a fair degree of technical ability I would advise against attempting a rebuild. However, you can with a modicum of tools and some patience tune the worm gear to reduce play in the mounts axis.