Adjusting Worm Gear Engagement – Motor Gears

5 – Synta HEQ5 -Worm / Motor Engagement for RA and DEC Axis

This procedure will guide you in setting up the HEQ5 worm engagment and also aligning the motor gears after the Declination and Right Ascension reassmbly. These steps are best carried out with the HEQ5 head mounted onto its tripod or some other type of stable base.

The worm setting procedure – especially for the RA axis is very hit and miss and you will probably need to go through it several time to find the ‘sweet spot’ where there is both no play in the mount and the RA motor can turn the mount smoothly with no motor stall or gear binding.

Worm Engagement for DEC Axis
At this point return to the DEC Assembly Guide or simply replace the Motor Cover.
Worm Engagement for RA Axis
At this point return to the RA Assembly Guide or simply replace the motor cover and the power panel using the Phillips screws. Take care when replacing the power panel not to trap any wires.
Motor Gear Adjustment
The HEQ5 Motor gears should all be flush with each other as shown in the picture to the left. The gears should be closely fitted but not pressed together too tight to prevent excessive gear wear. REMEMBER one of the gear set screws must be against the flat of the worm spindle. The gears in my mount are liberally coated with Lithium grease to reduce wear and also to muffle running noise.