Worm Gear Adjustment, Motor Removal/Installation, Misc.

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5 – Synta EQ6/Orion Atlas / Motor Engagement for RA and DEC Axis
This procedure will guide you in setting up the EQ6/Atlas worm engagement and also aligning the motor gears after the Declination and Right Ascension reassembly. These steps are best carried out with the EQ6 head mounted onto its tripod or some other type of stable base.

The worm setting procedure – especially for the RA axis is very hit and miss and you will probably need to go through it several time to find the ‘sweet spot’ where there is both no play in the mount and the RA motor can turn the mount smoothly with no motor stall or gear binding.

Play / tension in the mounts axis are controlled by three elements. The worm carrier set screws, the end float adjusters and, to a lesser extent, the motor engagement. If you are having problems with a binding motor its best to slacken the motor away altogether. Get a good setting on the worm carrier set screws and only then tighten the motor back down. This symptom will show if all appears well UNTIL the cap headed screws are tightened down. If this happens then the motor is installed too tightly causing the motor gear and the worm gear to bind.

EQ6/Atlas Worm Engagement for DEC Axis
EQ6/Atlas Worm Engagement for RA Axis
EQ6/Atlas Motor Gear Removal and Adjustment

As part of the complete strip down guide I removed the motors and the motor control board from this mount. This isn’t really necessary for a conventional strip down but given the mounts history of poor periodic error performance I needed to make sure the motor gear was OK and that there were no problems.

In fact the motor gear, like the rest of the mount, was suffering almost no lubrication. This step can be necessary after a rebuild to reseat the motors. Cleaning up the over painting on the worm carriers can reduce the distance between the gears enough to cause the gear works to become too tight with the result that the motors will bind and stall.

Q6/Atlas Altitude Movement

The mount used for the rebuild in this guide had no problems with its altitude bearings. Altitude bearing problems will show when the mount will rock in its altitude no matter how tight the altitude adjusters are locked down.

As the process of adjusting these can be destructive to the mounts trim and no problems were observed with this mount these were left alone. Consult the HEQ5 guide HERE for instructions as to how to adjust these. The HEQ5 and EQ6 are similar in this respect.

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