Review of SkyWatcher 9x50 RACI Finder Scope
My first choice for a replacement of the standard finder with a right angle corrected image (RACI) finder was the Sky-Watcher version. This was highly rated by BBC Sky at Night Magazine and seemed a worthy contender.
The basic specifications is the same as for the straight through finder here but with the addition of a right angle/correcting prism and eyepiece.
SkyWatcher 9x50 RACI Finderscope The view through this finder was every bit as good as through the straight through finder. The image is bright and well defined and I rather liked this finder. Its simple and works well and as a budget RACI it's probably the best around.

However I had decided after upgrading to GoTo I would prefer an illuminated reticule for ease of setting up the mounts GoTo capabilities.

I have found perfect star alignment is quite critical to Sky-Watchers Synscan/Skyalign system when using three alignment stars and after a few tough experiences I prefer to set the scopes alignment using the finder crosshairs as a reference.

If only Sky-Watcher had an illuminated version it would have been my choice. More than adequate optics in a small simple package at a bargain price and with an easy to set up quick release mount make this finder one of the best. If only it had an illuminator it would have been a keeper.
The SkyWatcher 9x50 RACI Finder
A near perfect budget RACI finderscope

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